One that got away…

I created this miniature painting some years ago, for our very first Gaita CD (recorded together with Misericordia). It is based on a few different pictures from around 1400, but the musicians are portraits of us (a give-away is that you never see depictions of male pattern baldness in that era). However, the image has now acquired a life of its own on the internet, with nearly all appearances based on the assumption that it is a period manuscript picture. E.g. it is several Pinterest collections for medieval dance, is a popular ‘cover’ image for medieval music on Youtube, often pops up in short online essays about music and dance in the middle ages etc.

I occasionally contact people to point out that it is actually by me, but it would be impossible to track down and address every usage. This is just a note to say it is not ‘public domain’, and I would appreciate being contacted (and credited) if you want to use it. I guess I should take it as a compliment on my ability to do work in period style that people have run away with it as a genuine medieval illustration!

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